New two-axis sun trackers
    We have developed double axis tracking systems (patented) which houses the complete photovoltaic array necessary for a 2-to-10 kW grid-connected system. These units are composed of a single pole (made of steel or concrete), two motors with reducing gear systems and an electronic control unit, which in turn incorporates an anenometer for protection from the effects of high wind speeds.

    The electronic control system allows the user to orientate the array for cleaning purposes, to impede the accumulation of snow, to protect it from the wind..... After sunset the tracking system turns towards the East (to wait for sunrise) and tilts to the horizontal position (to protect the panels from vandalism). Orientation is carried out by seeking the position of the sun rather than through use of timers or special motors which incease the cost of the product and complicate both the  installation and operation. This electronic system is also patented.

    Details of the 5 kW tracker installed in our premises can be seen in the photographs. If you want to see more tracker photos please click here.

Mounting the structure
The new sun tracker, compared with the smaller ones
Detail of the controller
Controller parts
Global view of the system
More tracker photos
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