Novo Pymes 2002 contest


        On november 28th 2002 American Express and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid presented the Novo Pymes 2002 contest, the objetive being to incentivate research and development in small and medium enterprises. These organisations contacted 35,000 enterprises by direct mail and a media campaign, and received 165 projects.

        The prize is a sculpture with a solid base (by Eugenio Ampudia), representing a ladder which symbolises the effort and the ambition required in the strive for success.

        Our company presented the direct solar pumping system with positive displacement pump. This project was elected the winner of the contest, and we received the prize in a public act celebrated on march 21 2002 in the Eurobuilding hotel, Madrid.

Greetings speech from our manager, Antonio Vela
Company staff at the event
More people at the event
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