New products
    In Soluciones Energeticas we are continually striving to improve our current products as well as develop new ones. On this page we would like to show you some of these activities.


    We have developed both one and two axis tracking systems which are now entering the stage of commercialisation. In the photo below, our own headquarters' grid-connected system incorporating two-axis tracking systems and high wind-speed protection can be seen.

Front view of one group of tracking units
New sun tracker for 5 kW installations
Tracking system control circuit. Also serves as charge controller
Helical 3 kW wind generator

    As a complement to our range of sinewave inverters, we will soon be launching battery chargers which have been specifically designed for use with generator units: they possess a high degree of tolerance to both voltage and frecuency variations, and also present a unit power factor in order to extract the nominal power from the generator.

    These chargers can be combined with the inverters (we also produce combined models) in order to offer a completely automated system which permits automatic start-up and shut-down of the generator set.

Charger prototype. The power factor (in red) is optimal

    Complete hydraulic systems are now entering the production phase, we manufacture all the components from the turbine blades and cups to the alternator itself.

Pelton/alternator set
One of the Pelton turbine cups
Kaplan turbine straight from the mould

    These new street lights have a built-in sun tracker and a dual light level, reducing the power requirements during low traffic hours.

Street light with sun tracker and double light level
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